I Should Warn You

Tamil Health

A New Year doesn’t always mean a new start. For some of us it means attempting to reach the goals we set (and let’s be real) failed to achieve the year before. Despite the fact, this year will be different because I’m determined! My goal for the #2014HealthyTamil challenge is to get in shape and limit my fast food consumption. But before I get started, let’s reflect on the last couple of years.

 “See-food Diet”

I’ve always been a skinny girl, but in no way did that stop me from falling victim to the renowned, FRESHMAN 15. For a girl with my body type this was practically apocalyptic! Not only was I fatigued and lethargic but I also started gaining weight in all the wrong places AH! And here I am now, 5 years later looking back and I have decided to take the initiative to get my body into the…

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