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Big Sky Bighorns

His Creation

A few more images from last week’s trip down the Gallatin Canyon. Just on the outskirts of Big Sky, a group of six Bighorn Sheep rams offered themselves up to be photographed. I’ve often seen them in the area, but not so many at one time, nor so accessible.


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Hungry cardinal

Mike Powell

As I was walking through the snow in a wooded area behind some of the townhouses in my neighborhood, a flash or bright red caught my eye and I knew immediately that it was a male Northern Cardinal (Cardinalis cardinalis), one of my favorite birds.

I stalked him as he moved from tree to tree until he eventually landed on this feeder that was hanging from the second-story deck of one of my neighbors. I really like the industrial look of the feeder and think it adds a nice contrast to softer, less distinct feathers of the cardinal.


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