Hello Kitty Airplane


What Happens to Happily Ever After


Where are we going with this? I wonder if the inside has Sanrio things too.

This was in the Tokyo airport during one of my layovers.

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Five Common Web Design Mistakes

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There are often many mistakes encountered when creating a  webpage or website. Learn about the top five website  mistakes, and how to avoid them. Mistake #1 Web page size. If your website takes longer than 10-15  seconds to load you should consider optimizing it for the  web. This is one of the biggest mistakes a web designer can make. You may have cable and love to fill your website with graphics, but if your visitors don’t have cable or a fast  connection at all your chances of getting them to wait that 10 to 15 seconds for your page to load is very slim. Mistake #2 Flashy ads. Ok, so you have to bring in some cash some how right? So you sign up to a bunch of banner ad affiliate  programs. Only problem with this is their banners are animated and constantly flashing while your visitors view your website…

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Japanese ‘Beethoven’ Admits Hiring Another Composer to Write Works; Acclaimed composer Mamoru Samuragochi, turns out not to have written some pieces and may not even be deaf.

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Japanese ‘Beethoven’ Admits Hiring Another Composer to Write Works

Acclaimed composer Mamoru Samuragochi, turns out not to have written some pieces and may not even be deaf.


Updated Feb. 6, 2014 4:23 p.m. ET


Mamoru Samuragochi was acclaimed for compositions including one being used at a Sochi skating event; Takashi Niigaki says he wrote music for Mr. Samuragochi. Reuters

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Love Is…A Valentine’s Day Roundup

love is all about something, feels like awesome!

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Love…it comes in different shapes and sizes, and means so many things to so many people. On this auspicious day we wanted to show our love for the myriad ways you express love on WordPress.com.

Versed in love

We were struck by littlepeace’s haiku mediation on the “joy of now” when you’re in love over at Innocence Abroad.

(the) present

be here now — with you
driving down snow-covered streets,
evening armchair talks

be here now — with you
pea shoots, tomato fragrance
worm ends in rich soil

be here now — with you
laughing together, today,
with crinkled-eye smiles

be here now — with you
this moment, this moment, this,
enjoying the gift

Nicholas Gagnier‘s spare, beautiful love poem, A Crumpled Valentine, is a lovely reminder that when it comes to gift-giving, it’s the thought that counts.

Love in photographs

Photographer Steve McCurry has traveled the…

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belsbror’s pix

In the old days, there is a saying: only the barber can make the King bow.

I had a haircut the other day. It felt really refreshing. Removed of all that excess locks provided my head a cooler feeling.

The visit to the barber was time well spent. But it was not always so when I was younger.

During my childhood years, when I was about 7 years old, I did not relish going to the barber shop. I detested it and hated it, second only to going to the dentist.

My father would not accompany me because he had a short temper. With all my protestations going to the place, I would be pinched and forced to walk to the destination. So my mother became my constant companion.

She had a different tact to deal with me. Never to announce beforehand where we are going was her…

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