saving somali pirates

love in other places

somalia i’m ahead of my time.  I was blogging about the love in Somali pirates before tom hanks did his first audition.  I’ve even compared them to robin hood . I do not appreciate how Somali pirates have become the world’s next villain.  how else are Somali men supposed to earn a living?  rather … why isn’t capitalism the newest villain?  you know … they’ve been hungry over there … for a long time now.  it’s called famine.  thus, I boycotted saving captian whatever-his-name-is (even though it’s only a $1 at redbox) cuz I just couldn’t take the blanket vilification of these East African men.  the issue is much more complex.  and the way they characterize them (there have been A woman holds a malnourished child at a makeshift camp in the Somali capital of Mogadishu. other recent films like this as seen on Netflix) with dirty clothes, unkempt hair, evil eyes and raggedy teeth is too much for me.  sure, they live a rough life but…

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