Beginning with HTML


My experience with coding is quite limited. I took one computer science course and was required to learn Scheme, an obsolete programming language (in the family of Lisp) but apparently not completely wiped out from academia. According to Wikipedia, the Scheme Steering Committee once called Scheme “the world’s most unportable programming language” (see Scheme: Programming Language). Later in one of my cognitive science courses, I learned some coding in MatLab, a language that is math-based and used pretty much only in the research world for numerical computing. Needless to say, I now remember nearly zip of the two programming languages.

Picking up this third language, I am finding HTML to be a pretty straight-forward. It is easy to grasp so far. Here are some notes from the first chapter of Principles of Web Design by Joel Sklar (5th edition):

The newest rendition of HTML is now HTML5 (moving on…

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