10 Favorite Moments in Skins

Yow Yow!

After months of anticipation, MTV will finally be debuting their version of Skins this evening at  10PM. While I am excited to watch their rendition of the first episode and season, I have been trying to remind myself that the UK version will always be better. The fresh faces of the new cast have potential and I am curious to see where their story lines will go, but what I’m worried about is that those that watch Skins and will come to love it over the next few months will believe that MTV has created something truly original. Unfortunately, MTV’s version includes less nudity, less scandal, and bleeped out profanity – which is something that the UK has never held back on.

Let’s not forget where Skins originated from okay? I’m sure the series will continue on and it will probably be the most racy piece of television we will…

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