Why am I afraid of a map?

Onwards & Upwards


Ever look at something simple – like a map – and feel totally overwhelmed?  Maybe even a little afraid?

I read a story about this 33 year old man who traveled to every single country without ever getting on a plane.  He’s the first person ever to do it, and the article details how he reached all 201 counties in the world using ground transportation, boats, etc.  As I read the story, I felt several things at once:

  • Awe, for the fact that he was able to do it.
  • Shock, that he seriously did not get on a place and did things like hop a ride on a cargo ship.
  • Amazement, at seeing his route laid out on the map.
  • And the tiniest bit of anxiety (or was it fear?) when I saw the map and then the number: 201 countries.

Hold on.  Why did I feel some level of…

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